7 Incredible Garage Conversions

Need more space, another room or even a way to earn some extra cash through a rental income?

Perhaps you occasionally find yourself wondering what on earth you have used the garage for all these years?

Hopefully a space for the car & not a black hole to hide all those things you never use.

A garage conversion, if done right, can be an innovative way to extend your principal home or make a new home within your home without attempting a costly extension or addition. It’s also a great way to utilise that space you’ve used to park you car or worse to fill with clutter & junk for all these years.

There are many cost-benefits of using your garage to create an in home granny flat for family, an entertainment space to self indulge or as a rental asset to earn some extra cash to pay off your mortgage sooner. Even better, it’s easier & more cost effective than you think since the core structure is already in place for the builder to get working on.

Many state governments are now encouraging garage, additions & in home conversions, by introducing new laws (see Affordable Housing SEPP) & permitting a way to earn rental incomes on your property, giving you extra cash to enjoy or pay off the mortgage in a flash.


Can I build a Granny Flat?


Before consulting a professional here’s a quick guide & some fantastic success stories as inspiration for your next garage or home conversion.   

No. 1 – One Bedroom Granny Flat with Large Entertaining Space for the Girls (Garage & Laundry Room Conversion).

Garage Conversion 6  

No. 2 – A Whiskey Room & Studio Flat so Large you can Park your Car in it! Needless to Say for the Boys (Garage Conversion).

Garage Conversion 4

No.3 –  Two bedroom Granny Flat Guest House for a Large Family & Frequent Visitors (front Garage Conversion). 

Garage Conversion 2  

No.4 – Good morning &  Goodnight Studio Granny Flat with Retro Sliding Garage Door (Underneath Townhouse Garage Conversion).

Garage Conversion 7  

No.5 – The Office Conversion Hard at Work! (Small Garage Conversion).

Garage Conversion 10  

No.6 – Home Cinema, Pure Self Indulgence… Why Not? (Large Garage Conversion).

Garage Conversion 1  

No.7 – A Garage Converted Just In Time for the 1st New Tenants! (Double Garage Conversion).

Garage Conversion 9  

Yet to be converted …

Garage Conversion 8


  Can I build a Granny Flat?


We hope you enjoyed! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you’re looking at taking the 1st step in your garage conversion you can request 3 quotes.

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  1. harry says:


  2. Jenny says:

    Hi we’re looking at converting our garage into a granny flat. What are the next steps to build a granny flat in sydney using our garage?

  3. Ben says:

    Love these garage conversions! How do you go about getting this approved by the council, since that’s always the hard part right? 

    • admin says:

      Cheers Ben. Yes that can be tricky but a lot of Australians are getting these garage conversion granny flats approved more and more these days. The new complying development granny flat laws actually permit garage conversions a long side the stand alone or ‘detached’ granny flat. Look forward to hearing your experiences with council on this, please share!

  4. Dave T says:

    Hi guys, how much does a garage conversion cost? we’re looking at getting a quotation for converting our garage into a 2 bedroom granny flat. What is the process? Thanks Dave! 

  5. Harry Hua says:


    i want to convert my two conjoint garages into grant flat( one bed plus living/bath/small kitchen), could you please let me know the fee from submit the application to council to completed? the house is in St ives chase Sydney

    My phone mobile 0425 382 559


  6. Trent says:

    Hi, looking at converting single garage into hairdressing studio have spoken to council there is is no problem, but design plans will need to be submitted, just wondering if there is someone who specializes in this area who can help me get the ball rolling on this one.

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