7 of the Most Inspirational Shipping Container House Plans

It wasn’t that long ago that a shipping container home seemed like a pipedream reserved for the most hardcore ‘off the grid’ types. Now days there are an ever growing number of breathtaking designs around the world, including our very own Australia builders coming to the table.

Here are 7 of the best examples of shipping container homes currently on the market. We hope these inspire an appreciation for the art of recycled container housing, a long with the transformation in purpose and function of an inherently unattractive object into something of true beauty.

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1. The Containers of Home Residence

Using two 12 meter shipping containers and just $40k this Costa Rican example of a shipping container home shows that you don’t need deep pockets to make your dreams a reality.



2. The Shipping Conatiner Home by Studio H:T

Completed in May 2010, the designers at H:T really went outside the box with this one. Adding to an existing structure the two storage containers turned this Nederland Colarado home into something else. With smart cooling, solar and a heap of other cleaver eco friendly features this is one inspirational home.




3. The Maison Container Life Residence

One of the best examples of multi-container use this French Architecturally designed home is made out of 8 shipping containers. Taking less  that 72 hours to build with the structure it was the interior styled to fit.



4. The Colorful Sao Paulo Shipping Container Residence.

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan integrated these huge coloured containers into the existing living spaces to create something truly unique.



5. The Majava Dessert Shipping Container Home

From the designers at Ectotch this expansive 2,300 square foot home near the beautiful Joshua Tree is formed from six shipping containers.




6. The Rendondo Beach Shipping Container House

This collaborative project just north of Los Angeles is a demonstration of just how far the design limits are being pushed with shipping container homes.




7. The Scotish Shipping Container Complex

About as Eco as you can get this designer home was commissioned in Cove Park, Scotland. Welding 6 containers together this is a truly inspiring shipping container getaway.



We hope you enjoyed!

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  1. This absolutely breathtaking. Looking for ideas because, well, this is gonna be my dream house.

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