Granny Flat Finder is an Australian owned company that operates an online marketplace, which all started out in the sunny Sydney suburb of Manly, Australia.

Our purpose is to help Australians Find their perfect Small Home or Granny Flat – making an informed choice, comparing designs & connecting them with leading suppliers & builders across Australia.

Recent changes in building legislation allow for these ‘granny flats’ to be built in backyards, then rented by the owner in most states making it more of an investment than simply just a lifestyle decision.

So How does it work?

Its quite simple really… We believe that a job well done speaks for itself & a picture tells a thousand words!

Choose your path from start to finish! 

1 – Design & Approval Services – we allow our customers to create their own custom design & avoid being locked in with a builder until it makes sense to do so. This means our customers have the power to create & the power to choose choose what design, product, style & service provider is right for them.

2 – Building Services Quotes – Once their design has been finalised we organise the paperwork to take our customers’ job through the complete Design process, Approval process & finalising with the build. By connecting our customers with competitive quotations from quality local builders, we ensure the best price & fast turnaround to finish the job.


We help Australians by providing them with the tools to make an informed buying decision on their most important lifetime assets – new homes, small homes, properties & granny flats.

Unlike the ‘churn & burn’ of quotes engines or dubious review engines we’ve deliver a transparency & meritocracy by allowing customers to view all & make up their own mind.

Based in Sydney City CBD Australia, our team of dedicated experts and customer service representatives are here to help.

Contact Us for more information or with any questions (02) 9290 2481.


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