Advantages of Having Custom Granny Flats

Custom Granny Flats

When it comes to building a granny flat, many first envision a basic design. Undoubtedly, there is beauty in simplicity, but beyond a simple and straightforward construction is a real wealth and diversity of design options.

From luxurious amenities inside the home to customised bedrooms and garages to external design cues such as decks, verandas, and walkways to the flat; when first creating a granny flat there is no shortage of options to consider and choose from. Let’s look at a few of them now.


Many Australians who have seen granny flats built in previous decades typically recall a solid but humble construction. A bedroom, simple kitchenette, and maybe a small sun room with a coffee table. A great deal has changed since those more humble designs.

Today, a granny flat can serve as a sophisticated and cosmopolitan secondary dwelling. This applies to a variety of design options, but especially to the bedrooms. With many granny flats now featuring 2, 3, or even 4 bedrooms, the opportunity exists to build a secondary dwelling that serves as a fully functional second home. Such a design can be ideal for those who have a big family, or regularly have family and friends staying with them.


Just like the modest bedroom in the granny flat of generations prior, previous incarnations of Australian homes and land would see a backyard typically filled with little more than a BBQ for cooking outside the main home. But the modern granny flats have brought in a new chance for cooking and dining enthusiasts to partake in their passion at home.

With numerous granny flat designs providing the opportunity for the construction of a sizeable and full-scale kitchen, a custom granny flat can serve as a secondary space for the creation of sumptuous meals, as well as become the main space in the household for special occasions and dining. Best of all, a dining room add-on to entertain diners can also be integrated in the granny flat design.


When designing a granny flat, many Australians look forward to the prospect of an extra living space, another kitchen, and an extra bedroom on their property. There is also the potential for a new car garage.

Whether you are a bonafide car lover, have previously not had a garage on your property, or merely just have a number of cars in your household, building an extra garage to complement your new granny home is often an easy addition.


Beyond the array of amenities that are featured within a modern granny flat, there is also a diversity of options when it comes to interior style and construction. A design can replicate a beach front construction with floor-to-ceiling windows that maximise natural light for a warmer climate, or a more intimate and minimalist design that place a premium upon coziness in the traditional of a cabin or ski lodge.

Also popular are numerous contemporary and eco-friendly designs that make use of natural materials and hues that seek to complement and sit in harmony with the environment that surrounds it.

Can I build a granny flat?


While there is a wide diversity of designs that allow you to customise your granny flat, it is important to consider local laws and planning regulations. While it varies from region to region around Australia, certain restrictions can be placed upon a granny flat’s aesthetic design (as well as the building process and overall structure) that can put some limitations on customisation.

While this can be frustrating for a budding designer, rather than spend time designing a structure – or even building it only to find it is not adherent to regulations – seek to ensure before finalising a plan that it adheres to your local laws and regulations.

Ultimately, the greatest virtue of custom granny flat design is the variety of options available that merge amenities and style. So if you find yourself struggling to decide on one design over another, it’s easy to seek out a custom granny flat construction that can blend them together.

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