Benefits of Having a Granny Flat as a Secondary Dwelling

Secondary Dwelling

As a nation of DIY enthusiasts, Australians are often busy in their backyard building, creating, and refining. This is all the more true in an era where the way in which we use our home and land is rapidly changing.

With a number of options available for the addition of another construction on your land, understanding your options and the opportunities they can bring to you in their use is essential.
When it comes to secondary dwellings, none are as diverse as a granny flat. It can also offer a number of unique benefits to its users. Let’s have an in-depth look at it now.

Can I build a granny flat?

Remote Office

A granny flat can make for a fantastic remote office. With many Australians now spending part of their working week at home – doing lengthy remote work, or even working exclusively from home as freelancers – the need to have a separate space for work separate from the main house can be essential for maximum productivity and work-life balance.

A granny flat offers a good breathing room for customisation in this regard. Rather than being required to seek a fully-featured accommodation, creating a custom design that places a premium on its use as a remote office can allow for the creation of a structure with a workspace, a kitchenette, and even a meeting room; while also including a bedroom, bathroom, and shower that allow the space to easily serve as a secondary dwelling when not in use outside of working hours.

A Secondary Space for Younger Family Members

Whether a granny flat has been constructed for remote work near the kids or to be away from them for a few hours (or days), the use of a granny flat by younger members of the family can be an excellent move for a unit that is busy and growing.

In the early years, the granny flat commonly served as a playroom, in the years thereafter as a party room for late Friday and Saturday night sleepovers, and ultimately came to be used by teenagers and adult children as a secondary dwelling separate from the main house as they grow towards greater independence. Such an arrangement can ensure the main house is always peaceful and quiet as needed by a mum and dad embattled with teenage noise and living.

Accommodation for an Elder Family Member

At the other end of the spectrum, constructing a granny flat for use as a secondary dwelling can serve a tremendous purpose for Australians with elder family members. Where an elder member of the family may wish to downsize for their original home and be closer to the family – and perhaps be in need of some ongoing care – a granny flat can meet the needs of every single one.

And because granny flats are completely customisable, it’s easy to create a design that is sensitive towards the needs of elders – whether it involves a ramp for wheelchair access, a sit-down shower, or other such amenities – a granny flat can be constructed to be fit for purpose.

Whatever the ultimate needs you have in mind for your new secondary dwelling, a granny flat can serve to meet them across the board. While there remain considerations that are important to factor in as you seek to build a new structure on your land – from council regulations concerning the size of your granny flat to its potential impact on the local neighbourhood, and whether it shall be classified as a potential rental property or simply an add-on to the existing home – once you have a clear idea of the ideal unit you envision; proceeding through the remainder of the design and planning stages is generally a straightforward process.

So whether you are an artist seeking to create a new studio to work from home, you are parents seeking to ensure a second common space on your land exists for your growing family, or whether you have an elder relative in need of new accommodations closer to your home; you can be certain that there would be a custom granny fit design that shall suit you. Best of all, if you decide all three of these ideas sound like your ideal, you can custom create a granny flat that meets all these needs together!

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