February’s Hottest Granny Flat Designs this Summer!

The results are in for Feb 2017 as voted by you!


Currently in concept design phase, this  modern style Granny Flat boasts a sloping skillion roof, rendered facade with beautifully exposed  & polished wooden features.

skillion roof granny flat


Can I build this design on my land?



A rectangular granny flat designed to suit most properties. This design boasts large glass bi-fold doors, stylish down lighting, with 2.7m high ceilings & decking.

rectangle granny flat with bifold glass doors

Can I build this design on my land?



A graceful design in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This granny flat boasts 2.7m high ceilings, down lighting & neutral decor. With an extended large L-shaped kitchen complete with all facilities. The extended deck & pergola provide additional outside space, allowing you to expand the 60m2 granny flat to a  larger footprint.

northern beaches granny flat with decking

Can I build this design on my land?



Here we have a practical & pragmatically designed granny flat in the midst of a very difficult site & delivering an amazing result. This customer’s property was riddled with bedrock & a hefty slope in the land. These ‘site specific costs’ can create a significant amount of work & cost to excavate, fill & level out. Sometimes they can rule out the project entirely. Instead the design team has ‘wrapped’ the granny flat around the beautiful scenic bedroom & contours of the sloping land to create a unique home tucked away on the hillside.

south sydney granny flat on sloping site

Can I build this design on my land?



A modern studio granny flat concept design, spanning across two levels with mezzanine. Although very appealing in it’s appearance it’s important to note in NSW a two storey granny flat is very difficult to get approved as it requires large land sizes >700m2 with large setbacks up to 8m from the rear boundary.


Can I build this design on my land?



Country style farmstead granny flat. Using cost effective, hardy yet stylish materials such as vinyl cladding on the exterior, blue colorbond roof, vinyl flooring ‘wood styled’ & external hard wood deck.

farm stead granny flat

Can I build this design on my land?


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