Pool Houses vs Granny Flats: Best Pool Accompaniment

Pool Houses

Australia is a nation with a diverse use of house and home. While other corners of the world may favour a more staid or ceremonial use of their back and front yards, Australians have long preferred a functional use of green space and land. Among the most popular choices for an addition to the backyard, a swimming pool always holds a high appeal.

The added market value a good swimming pool can add to an Australian home means it can be a wise move economically as well as recreationally. Oftentimes, whether it is alongside the installation of the pool or soon after, construction of a pool house or granny flat is considered to complete the backyard. Each has their pros and cons and are worth looking at in-depth.

Can I build a granny flat?

Pool Houses Defined

In its simplest form, a pool house is a structure that is built in the immediate vicinity of a pool and serves as an accompaniment to the pool. While a pool house can be designed to serve as a separate living space, it is far more often used an accessory and supporting structure to the pool, with the water and the use of it remaining the focal point of the space.

Granny Flats versus Pool Houses

At times a pool house can serve as a perfect construction for space. If there are multiple swimming pools, the swimming pool is in a public or outdoor space, or on privately owned land but at a great distance from the main house, then construction of a more complex design would largely be unnecessary, and likely go unused.

The drawback of pool houses from a design perspective is the influence a pool must play in their design. From a strictly architectural point of view, it makes sense that a pool house is facing towards a pool, enhancing the space surrounding the pool, and serving to complement the pool in the overall aesthetic of the area. The downside of this is many Australians seek a space they can actively use as well as just admire, and this is where a pool house falls short.

While an ideal pool house may be a simple and open construction – where there is an open-facing section under cover for shade, a shower, and small room for storage and supplies – many Australians feel a better use can be made of the space with the addition of extra amenities. This is especially so as a pool house shall place a premium on an open and free flowing space between the pool and the house itself.

While such open space may be enjoyable in the warmer months, the difficulty in converting the space for use and enjoyment in the colder seasons render the space inoperable for anyone living outside.

This is where a granny flat is an ideal alternative to a conventional pool house construction, given the greater variety of design options and amenities available. This is all the more so as many pool houses are constructed with materials best suited to the warmer months. Though this is no issue if the pool house is only used in the warmer months, it can prove to be a wasted use of space if too cold or comfortable in other months..

Why Granny Flats are the Ideal Pool Accompaniment

Since you have the opportunity to customise the design of the construction to complement the pool and as an independent unit, granny flat serves as the perfect pool accompaniment. This is particularly so if you wish to add a kitchenette to your pool area, whether you aspire for a sunroom or bedroom, or even to forgo the outdoor shower and undercover area and instead construct enclosed bathrooms.

Though a pool house can offer similarities to a granny flat in some areas, a granny flat can offer all the features of a pool house in its design. Beyond this, it also provides the chance for a greater variety of uses for space when the pool is in use, but also as a fully functional living space year-round when it is not.

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