Are Pre-Made Granny Flats the Best Choice for You?

Pre Made Granny Flats

Though it varies slightly in purpose (and by building regulations), a granny flat is a cabin-like structure typically built at the rear of an existing house. It can serve as either an additional accommodation for a resident of the property, as a temporary guest house for visiting relatives or as an add-on residence that can then be rented out. With this understanding now in place, let’s have a more in-depth look at the granny flats in Australia.

Pre-Made Granny Flats

Distinct from a regular granny flat, a pre-made granny flat is one that requires little to no construction on site. Though there are undoubtedly disadvantages to this form of secondary dwelling, the ease of installation is usually its biggest ‘selling point’. The fact that you can also potentially purchase a flat that offers unique benefits for those seeking a new unit on their land, for only $10,000-$15,000, is quite enticing.

Granny Flat Sheds Differences

The easy installation process has proven to be one of the biggest perks of pre-made granny flats. While it is bigger in scale — in this regard, having a granny flat is almost similar to simply receiving a package delivered to your door — there is little you need do once you’ve ordered your pre-made unit, except for waiting for its arrival.

Another advantage of a pre-made granny flat is the reduced cost. Just like a car manufacturer that can produce a similar style of a vehicle each year (compared to a sports car company which tailor-make each unit), so too can a pre-made granny flat, by virtue of its ‘one size fits all’ approach, offer some savings on upfront cost.

But with these benefits, there are also unavoidable downsides. While pre-made granny flats can be suitable for certain circumstances — say you are a construction company or a trade show that places a premium upon easy installation and inexpensive materials — then a pre-made flat may be a good option.

For someone seeking to have a flat on their land that shall last a lifetime, however, pre-made flats can pale in comparison. This is owed to the drawbacks of the “easy installation” and relatively inexpensive materials. Just like a pizza shop that only offers one type of pizza, seeking a suitable customisation of a pre-made granny flat can prove to be a tedious task.

Even when some customisations can be arranged, they are unlikely to offer the diversity of options a regular granny flat would. Not only does this mean more time and money has to be spent initially (and thus diminishes the selling point of a pre-made flat), oftentimes, it means you’ll be required to spend a good sum after installation to add in amenities and features the pre-made provider could not.

Furthermore, just like how it is easier to cook toast than a Sunday roast, the speed of creation on a pre-made granny flat rarely correlates with a quality construction or good materials being used throughout. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean a pre-made flat is unsafe or unsuitable for living, it does mean the pleasure and contentment one would otherwise get from having another room and/or a new accommodation on their land can be greatly diminished if you find you are forever needing to do repairs, reorder things, or otherwise lament the poor build quality of a space.

In sum, pre-made granny flats can be a good pick for someone who needs a flat quickly installed, with the potential to be quickly removed and is also unconcerned about its long-term endurance. For those who aspire to buy a flat that is well-made, to be enjoyed, and shall last a lifetime, however; looking to a regular granny flat always proves the better value for money and lifestyle in the long run.

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